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SSCR – Stichting Scholenproject Cambodja ‘Rotterdam’

SSCR raises funds for the construction of schools and the support of orphans and underprivileged  young people in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a poverty stricken country.  You can help the children of Cambodia with your donation to SSCR. Schooling can give Cambodia’s youth a brighter tomorrow.

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We were deeply saddened to hear news of the heavy rains and strong winds coming from the tropical storm Lekina as it hit the coastal provinces of Cambodia in tandem with the arrival of the southwest monsoon. Large areas, including Sihanoukville where the Don Bosco Technical School is based, were hit by a terrible flood that caused major structural damage to buildings,  loss of equipment and infrastuctural problems.

Students' dining hall during the flood.
Student’s dining hall during the flood.

Miraculously, the students, volunteers as well as members of staff were all unharmed and of the losses incurred were ‘only’ of material nature. You can read more about the night of the flood at this link to get a short overview of  how the flood has affected  the area as well as see photo’s of the disaster area.

Obviously we welcome any aid you’d be willing to extend us and should you have need to reach us for a donation you can always send an email to

Thank you most kindly for your contribution.



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Our goal is to enable and stimulate underprivileged children and students to follow education and be able in the long run to create in their own manner a selfsupporting and democratic society.

With our projects we strive to contribute to the social and economic independence and welfare of the underprivileged Cambodian people.

The planning and execution of our projects are done primarily by local NGO’s in close cooperation with the local community.

The financial support of children is handled by the Don Bosco Children Fund, an organisation of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia.