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SSCR – Stichting Scholenproject Cambodja ‘Rotterdam’

SSCR raises funds for the construction of schools and the support of orphans and underprivileged  young people in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a poverty stricken country.  You can help the children of Cambodia with your donation to SSCR. Schooling can give Cambodia’s youth a brighter tomorrow.

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Projets funded by SSCR in 2020

2019.0284: Construction village schools in Anlong Sor, Prey Veng                                      

Anlong Sor is home to 463 families with a population total of 1.984. After one of the two existing school buildings in Anlong Sor had been determined structurally unsound the decision was made to construct a third new building in order to address the school’s need for adequate learning facilities. Currently 263 children (of which 123 girls) attend school and are taught by twelve teachers of which five are women. In addition to the construction of the new school building the library of the local church will also be undergoing necessary reconstruction. The construction efforts will be coordinated and supervised locally by our sister organization Spien. The budget has been approved for €91.574, €17.256 of which will be raised locally. As such €74.318 is the amount to be raised in the Netherlands, a third of which the Wilde Ganzen Foundation will match with a 50% premium on all of the donations made to SSCR by benefactors.


2019.0285: Water projects: drilling wells, construction of culverts, an irrigation canal and a connecting road on a dike                                                                                                                         

In 2020 we will continue to drill new wells in the two provinces Kampong Chaam and Takeo as well as construct culvers under existing roads. In addition, an irrigation canal will be dug in Ta Een in the Stung Trang district, which will measure 2.528 metres in length. The soil that will be dug in will be repurposed as material for a new connective road on top of a dike. The construction efforts will be coordinated and supervised by our local sister organization Spien. The budget will total €113.819, of which €21.755 will be raised locally, leaving €92.065 to be funded from the Netherlands. A third will be cofinanced by the Wilde Ganzen Foundation via a 50% premium to be matched to all donations made to SSCR.

2019.0395: Solar panels for the Don Bosco High School in Poipet                                 

In wake of the successful installation of solar panels on the roofs of two guest houses, a nursery and the two Don Bosco Technical schools in Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh the Wilde Ganzen Foundation has now approved funding of a new project to install solar panels at the the Don Bosco High School in Poipet. In the first phase 270 panels will be installed with a capacity of 87 kW expected to generate 67.000 kWh on a annual basis. This will not only reduce the carbon footprint by 1.400 tons of CO2 in the coming twenty years, but also significantly cut back on energy costs, saving up to €12.000. The budget for this project has been set at €100.470 of which the Wilde Ganzen Foundation has pledged to contribute a third of the total sum by matching all donations made for these projects with a 50% premium. Consequently the necessary funds to be raised by SSCR in the Netherlands is €66.980.

Cooperating with other charities

In addition to the projects co-financed with the Wilden Ganzen Foundation SCCR also plans to fund projects initiated by other organizations active in charity work in Cambodia. One of such projects is an initiative of the The Tree for Hope foundation, whose goal is to raise funds for the construction of student housing in co-finance with the Wilde Ganzen Foundation. We are pleased to report that SSCR has made a financial contribution towards the realization of construction. Additionally, SSCR together with Wilde Ganzen also supports a range of school projects led by the Hopeful Children Cambodia (HCC) as well as a project of Stichting Sawasdee for the renovation of bathroom facilities at two Don Bosco schools previously funded by SSCR in Battambang and the agrarian Don Bosco school in Salabalath. Lastly we will also be supporting “Rise Against Hunger” by providing school meals and supporting the “Room to Read” Foundation by providing books and other teaching materials.


Financially supporting education and vocational schooling

Aside from above individual investment projects we will also continue searching for candidates for the “adoption” of struggling youth in need of financial support in their time at nursery or during schooling via the Don Bosco Children Fund of Cambodia.



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Our goal is to enable and stimulate underprivileged children and students to follow education and be able in the long run to create in their own manner a selfsupporting and democratic society.

With our projects we strive to contribute to the social and economic independence and welfare of the underprivileged Cambodian people.

The planning and execution of our projects are done primarily by local NGO’s in close cooperation with the local community.

The financial support of children is handled by the Don Bosco Children Fund, an organisation of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia.